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Monday, May 08, 2017

Berlin MSP DUI Press Release 5-8-17


Anonymous said...

Come on Berlin. How is Brent Black going to get promoted with only three DUI arrests from your Barrack? You will be more effective if you stop arresting only people with names that begin with the letter J and expand to include the other 25 letters of the alphabet.

Anonymous said...

I think a better question of the Berlin Barrack is 'What happened to the arrest and report of the 'Captain Crab Kop' who was arrested on a motorcycle 3 months ago? I'd like to have the Sts. Attorney and the Berlin Barrack Commander respond to the charges disposition. Nice job Oglesvy of sweeping them under the rug. If I get DUI'd, I want the same deal he got.
Equal protection under the law my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'd like to identify myself but being a County Employee I fear retribution.