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Monday, May 08, 2017

Just A Quick Reminder Of Who's Really In Charge

This week, the world of banking and finance waited with baited breath for the Federal Reserve in the United States to hike… or not to hike… interest rates.

This happens several times each year as the central bank’s Federal Open Market Committee gathers to set monetary policy in the Land of the Free.

To be clear, there is no greater power over a nation than having control of its money supply and interest rates.

Think about it: interest rates influence just about EVERYTHING in the economy.

Changes in interest rates influence housing prices, company stock prices, retail sales, food prices, oil prices, and major business purchases.

Interest rates have a significant impact over employment, business investment, inflation, and the currency’s international exchange rate.

Increases in the interest rate even have the power to bring a government to its knees.

This is pretty extraordinary power. And it has been awarded to an unelected committee that has an astonishing track record of getting it wrong.



Anonymous said...

Actually he who has control of the MOON rules the Earth.Enough of the moon is hollow to allow nuclear weapons to be directed in the entrance holes and detonated.Several countries have the nuclear capability to completely blow up the moon.They also have the capability to place nuclear bombs INSIDE of the moon.Once the bombs were in position that country would hold the entire planet hostage.The push of one button would eventually end civilization as we know it.

Anonymous said...


How about this: The international bankers rule the world?

Anonymous said...

Holy Crazy Batman.