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Monday, May 08, 2017

Attack ads set to begin Monday against Republicans over health care vote

It didn't take long for advocacy groups to attack swing-district Republicans who voted for the American Health Care Act, the bill to repeal and replace Obamacare.

One such group, Save My Care, is set to launch a six-figure ad campaign Monday targeting 24 Republicans who voted "yes" on the bill, which narrowly passed the House last week. The campaign will be a mix of digital and television ads in the districts of the vulnerable Republicans, who include Arizona's Martha McSally, Maine's Bruce Poliquin and New Jersey's Tom MacArthur.

MacArthur, a moderate, was the author of the controversial amendment that offered waivers for states to avoid certain provisions of the health care law, including guaranteed coverage of preexisting conditions. The move was key to boosting support from the House Freedom Caucus, the conservative group of members that prevented the original version of the bill from passing.



Anonymous said...

They deserve to be attacked, with the truth! This bill is an abortion that will hurt millions of citizens particularly older Americans, women and children. GET THE FACTS!!

Anonymous said...

Just another ploy of the Democrats to destroy anything Trump tries to do. That is the Democrats main goal now that Trump is President.

Zorro said...

Who has the time to watch TV anymore? For that matter, who has TV?

Anonymous said...

4:39 Maybe you should get the facts. The ACA is going down in flames and has to be fixed. Stop the fear mongering.

Anonymous said...

The Republican bill is No "fix". Just a bigger disaster.
obomacare will ,collapse, and a bipartisan solution will be demanded immediately by people. One that doesn't destroy seniors and low incomes like republicans. And one that has to force younger people to buy health insurance. Trumps way is just as bad as obomas is.

And so true....Who can afford T.V. any longer? We cancelled long ago. The money goes to health insurance, and food.
So we have the "free t.v. antennae".