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Monday, May 08, 2017

Don't Count On The Senate To Save Obamacare, Or To Save The House

In the Rose Garden last week President Trump and the House Republican leadership celebrated their vote to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act as though it had actually repealed and replaced the 2010 law colloquially known as Obamacare.

It had not, of course. Several more giant steps remain in the process. And more than a few of these same Republicans may well be grateful.

The House, its leaders and rank-and-file alike know that what they have done so far is not yet law. It may not even qualify as a rough draft.

In reality, the House has shoveled a mammoth pile of problems off its porch and onto that of the U.S. Senate. That chamber has announced it is writing its own bill. That is common knowledge, and more than a few House votes were cajoled with assurances that "the Senate will fix" this problem or that.



Anonymous said...

All of that drivel needs to be thrown out in the street and handed back to the private sector and get government out of the healthcare business. Their administration of something they know nothing about just costs all of us money better spent on doctors and hospitals.

Anonymous said...

Obama care has failed there is no saving it it's time to move in a new direction preferably away from government run.

Anonymous said...

A solution to the healthcare problem will not be solved until:
obomacare implodes to a point where it is no longer sustanable and govt. is forced to fix it fast.
A Senator like Joe Manchin is able to get a group of moderate Democrats, Senate and House... to give in to meeting with a group of moderate Republicans who give in to meeting also. And together they work out a bipartisan Healthcare solution that both parties can vote for and that doesn't disrupt the healthcare system we have.

It will never work, if one side or the other "owns" the legislation.

As of now, the republican bill will cost them the Senate and House in 2018. Seniors and low income people, along with Democrats will vote the Republicans out. I'm a senior aged, republican, and I'd never vote for Harris again, unless he moves to a bipartisan solution.

Anonymous said...

What? I thought it was a done deal. Repealed - gone.