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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Weekly Update: Judicial Watch Changed History

Donald Trump’s remarkable victory on Election Day is still sinking in. Judicial Watch supporters can take satisfaction that the American people resoundingly rejected Hillary Clinton corruption. Our work exposing her email had consequences. We did not do this work to prevent Hillary Clinton from winning the Oval Office; we did it to hold her, her aides, and her co-conspirators in the Obama administration accountable to the law.

The corrupted leadership of the FBI and Justice Department didn’t want to do much with what we exposed. And certainly Congress, led by a weak Republican leadership, didn virtually nothing on the Clinton email issue. But, the American people didn’t ignore our work, and denied Hillary Clinton the presidency as a result. One expert called Judicial Watch one of the great “disruptors” of our new media age:

Judicial Watch is a conservative gadfly, yes, but it is acting more like a newsroom staffed by lawyers – a scary thought, to the government at the very least. With an ample, donor-funded war chest, the nonprofit is taking journalists to school in deploying one of their most valued weapons, the Freedom of Information Act, doing so more effectively than any news organization in recent memory. Mainstream news organizations are happy to take its costly court-won revelations and run with them. So it’s not surprising that its President, Tom Fitton, nominated Judicial Watch for three Pulitzer Prizes last year (It was disqualified because it was ruled to be an advocacy group, Fitton told the Pulitzer-laden New York Times).



Anonymous said...

Judicial Watch, Breitbart, The Guardian

Breitbart kept breaking FB records with the most interacted page, most page views.

Andrew should be proud.

Anonymous said...

thank you GOD for JW!

Anonymous said...

JW has done awesome work helping to preserve our Republic.
Much of what has been revealed would not have been without them

I hope readers who appreciate this will support JW.

Steve said...

Alex Jones, Project Veritas! Godspeed! Heros in my book! All came together to open our eyes to a better America!