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Tuesday, November 15, 2016


The recent armed robbery by a gang at the Centre at Salisbury is a symptom of a greater disease. Gang escalation and the crime attendant with it is destroying our community, jobs and property values. It’s time to put a stop to it.

It is time now for us to take a stand and cure the disease. As President-Elect Donald J Trump attempts to drain the swamp in Washington, we must do so here on the eastern shore including Sussex and Kent counties in Delaware.

It will take courage, political upheaval, and sadly, likely, blood. One would hope not, but gangs understand one thing and one thing only. Brut strength.

This isn’t a racially driven problem either. There are gangs of all races with one intent. Total domination of their “territory.”

We the citizens are the keepers of the territory. We must take certain actions before this problem gets out-of-hand any further.

1. Demand more of your local city and county leaders. This includes the police and sheriffs departments. It also includes the City and County Councils. When they have meetings, descend on the meeting in numbers.

Get your friends and neighbors to attend. Carry signs in to the meetings. Protest! Make your voices heard. Let them know you’ve had enough and will vote them out if they don’t take action quickly.

2. Insist they work with neighboring counties and cities. Insist upon an inter-county, interstate, inter-city undercover task force to rout out gang leaders and their followers.

Insist they be relentless, be ruthless, but within the bounds of the Constitution. Raid them. Arrest them. Take out their lieutenants and infrastructure of both personnel and money.

Create a leadership gap making it unlikely for anyone else to step up and lead the gang. Destroy them via incarceration, and if they insist upon shoot-outs, aim straight and true.

This task force, because nothing was done when the problem first reared its ugly head, will have to operate Elliot Ness style.

3. Significant rewards should be placed upon gang leaders heads. They aren’t surrounded by the most loyal principled people to begin with. Make the reward substantial. $50,000 a head for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the gang leader. $10,000 for lieutenants and mid-level gang management.

Give the whistleblower witness protection including for their family. Give the gangs NO QUARTER.

4. Pass local laws that gang members convicted are placed in solitary confinement 4 weeks on, and 1 day off for the term of their incarceration.

Keep them from colluding behind bars. Isolation and re-education would be the way the law should be mandated. Focusing on rehabilitation would be crucial in preventing further gang related activity upon release.

5. Place undercover police in the schools to rout out gang members in the schools. Educate the children so they don’t need to be incarcerated.

Juveniles arrested and convicted should be given tough love by the county. Place them in solitary confinement also, but slowly, as they earn it, allow them to be put back in general population.

Re-education behind bars would do them a world of good and by catching them young, perhaps put them on course for a life out-of-crime.

6. Stand up as citizens. Show up en mass with legal weapons at the Centre at Salisbury and other areas where gangs think they own the territory.

A huge diverse group of men, white, black and brown, carrying baseball bats, batteries and ball bearings in their pockets, to be thrown if necessary, can do much to disabuse gangs of their territory.

Insist on a police presence in shopping centers parks and schools.

7. Fight for your right to safe streets. Get your elected officials on board or kick them off the train. Of course the concern about money to fund these efforts will be brought up. But remember...this is an investment in our community east of the Chesapeake.

If you think you can deal with gangs in a namby-pamby way, they will control your city, make you afraid to be on your own streets and continue to diminish your happiness in life. The gangs and each member of a gang, must be made to feel more afraid of the citizenry than their gang.

Don’t ask me how I know. It doesn’t matter. But my life experience with gangs has informed me that the only way to deal with gangs is with harsh laws, brut force and a determined citizenry. Stand up!

Please comment below on what you would be willing as a citizen to do. What do you think should be done? Please, no racist comments.

“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.”

Yours in the Constitution,

Thomas Paine


Anonymous said...

Open carry Larry ? Hogan.

Anonymous said...

LOL rewards? U funny. We hand delivered to the Chief a Drug dealing gang leader. She did nothing. We lived with him and the garbage he brought to our neighborhood for years. She did nothing. The only thing we asked of her was to make the problem go away. She did nothing.

Your recommendation is useless when the popo do nothing.

Anonymous said...

Section 8 housing must go.

Anonymous said...

12:23 - absolutely spot on. The degenerates that live like that have not understanding of the value of property. They trash it and take down the value of the entire neighborhood.

That's why we don't like to live in certain cities neighborhoods. That's why segregation is coming back - folks don't want to associate with the criminal elements!

Anonymous said...

Mr Trump says he is going to pick all these folks up and deport them.
I wonder if Mike Lewis will have a list of names ready for him?
Obviously the Chief won't.

Anonymous said...

The chief, if as you say actually did nothing, is derelict of duty. Fire the mayor and get a new chief. Stand up! Fight back! Remove feckless politicians at the ballot box but for the time being, combine your efforts and create a movement they'll have to respond to or get steamrolled if they don't.

Anonymous said...

Amen...and ECI needs to stop releasing inmates into Wicomico county just to keep them out of Somersets good ole boy network. That is why they are sent to Poplar Hill when they are released...just down the road from baby momma in section 8 housing who came from across the bridge to be closer to baby daddy. Then they stay.

Anonymous said...

Agree about Section 8, but then what? Where do those folks currently occupying section 8 housing go? There must be an good alternative. (Shipping folks out, leaving them on the streets, etc isn't a solution.)

Its like repealing the Affordable Care Act (I don't like saying the O word). Yes, ACA needs to go, but there must be a good alternative/solution to replace it beforehand.

Unfortunately ALL solutions take time...and most times fall by the wayside.

How the hell did things get so bad?

Anonymous said...

Is the Somerset County "good ole boy network" actually Freemasonry?

Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

This all starts at the top. The top being the Chief and Jake Day has refused to comment or do anything to fix it. Time for a change at the chief's level, but Jake continues to watch the assault, robberies, thefts, dwindling police force and fails to do anything. By the time he finally does something it will either be to late or whoever is appointed will have issues beyond repair. The people of this City need to speak up and be heard directly to the Mayor as well as the City Council. They to must be held responsible and being held responsible means your term is coming to an end. The City Council behind closed doors can have discussions on personnel directly with the Mayor and voice their concerns about their districts issues. They need to get the Mayor on board for a change and fast before its to late. This is no longer "Barb's" fault people, its Jake Day and the City Council.

Anonymous said...

Place a ban on Baltimore exports into Salisbury

po said...

Jake day is a COWARD.

Anonymous said...

Mike lewis is Clueless.