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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

McCarthy: ‘Just because something is offensive does not make it illegal’

WASHINGTON — As police investigate who scrawled “Trump nation whites only” on a sign outside a Silver Spring church, and who drew a swastika in a Bethesda middle school bathroom, Montgomery County’s state’s attorney says there’s a difference between vandalism and free speech.

“I think as Americans, we recognize that there are tremendously broad free speech protections that exist in the United States,” said John McCarthy. “Just because something is offensive does not make it illegal.”

McCarthy said he has heard anecdotes from around the region of gloating, taunting comments aimed at minorities, often mentioned in conjunction with the election of Donald Trump.

“These kinds of demonstrated activities are instances where we as a community have opportunities to educate people on issues of tolerance, particularly with our kids in schools,” said McCarthy.



Anonymous said...

I'd say there's more than a small chance these 'attacks' are being done by the left to try to fuel their false claims of racism and bigotry against Trump supporters.

It happens all the time. How many false reports have there been lately? LOTS of them.

Anonymous said...

Either a white liberal or black activist.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh but blacks can make. Up racist comments on a su White board and put up a BLM FLAG up at UMES but whites cant put up anything.

Anonymous said...

Yes, just like the Confederate Battle flag, just because you indoctrinated foolish clowns are "Offended" there is absolutely nothing illegal about that flag!