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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trump and Putin: We Will Destroy ISIS

President-elect Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin have vowed to tackle ISIS together after holding breakthrough talks on the telephone.

Less than a week after the billionaire’s election, the Kremlin said Putin called Trump yesterday to begin negotiations over how best to tackle to terrorism.

The Russian is reported to have said he is ready for dialogue with the US “on the basis of mutual respect, non-intervention into each other’s internal affairs”.

According to the news agency Kremlin, Putin and Trump have agreed to “work to channel bilateral relationships into constructive cooperation, to combine efforts to tackle international terrorism and extremism, and to continue contact by telephone and to work towards meeting in person”.



Not Quite Understanding said...

I have often wondered why haven't the US and Russia been friends? We are the only two Super-Powers in the world (China is a close third in sheer numbers) so it is the "Northern Hemisphere" alliance that should control all uprisings around the world that would otherwise disrupt people's lives. I'm not talking about being dictators but protectors. The US has to stop being the only policeman on the block.

It's much more complicated than what I stated above but at least it is a start. I feel that President Trump and President Putin will get along very well and continue restoring relations with our two countries and all without a stupid "reset button".

Just my two cents. I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

ISIS works for Israel.
I don't believe Mr. Trump or Mr. Putin can destroy ISIS.

Mr. Trump simply needs to make a deal with them.
He and Mr. Netanyahu should get together to settle Israel's demands.
If the US would simply re-settle the Palestinian people into Detroit everything will be OK.

I trust that Mr. Trump will get 'er done!

Anonymous said...

Use a B-52 strike on Mosel
They will kill the people there anyway before you come in
on the ground to take the city.....common sense
Cruise Missils work fine too
Bring those 4 Battleships out again too
Use the know how USA has and take out those Demons
Take No more Guantanimo Bay fiascos .....
Cut the head off of that Devil called BagDaddy.....
Go get those 200 girls in Africa and Kill those terrorists..

Anonymous said...

Are you a Satanist?

Anonymous said...

WW2 Style needed bomber Harris ....

War is hell, not for the politicians, but for Generals ...

Mop up the Criminal Terrorists ..... quit playing around

Anonymous said...

6:47 No a Christian ...

Christian soldiers had to win the wars and will continue to
do so.....the Enemys (Terorists) are the Evil in the world
and Will be taken out
The Good in the world will Win / Bad and Evil will loose !

Put Bagdaddy's head on a stick as a warning to all the
wanna-be bad apples....they won't be tolerated .....