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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Wave of FAKE ‘Hate Crimes’ Sweeps anti-Trump Social Media

Fake reports of “hate crimes” committed by fans of President-elect Donald Trump are sweeping the nation. Meanwhile, real crimes continue to be committed by anti-Trump rioters in dozens of cities across America.

One fake “hate crime” involved a Muslim woman at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette who claimed that she had her hijab torn off by two white males. Lafayette police now report that she “admitted that she fabricated the story.”

Other incidents are being reported as “crimes” that are not crimes at all. CNN published a list of “hate crimes” on Saturday that includes an incident where a group of middle school students chanted “Build the wall!” in a cafeteria.

That is not a “crime”; it is juvenile behavior by boorish 12- and 13-year-olds.

Another “crime” on CNN’s list comes from a university where “somebody chalked the words ‘Trump,’ ‘Build wall’ and ‘[Expletive deleted] your safe space’ in front of the library.

That’s right: they used actual chalk.

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Anonymous said...

I recently lost a friend due to this. She is regurgitating this bogus BS and I asked her why? She had no proof it was true and it was just promoting hate.
What was the point of it ?

She had no answer and unfriended me.

I have another friend, we made a pact, since we are polar opposites, neither of us posts of likes any politic rhetoric. We have agreed to move on. She is pro Killary. Go Trump!

Anonymous said...

This happened when an individual claimed she saw the KKK at UMES. When the security camera footage was reviewed of that area in question showed nothing, the claim was quietly dropped.

Anonymous said...

731, you're running with the wrong crowd, or you are a UMES student and have no choice.

Make the move.