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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Durham County defends handling of 90,000 ballots in N.C. governor’s race

Durham County’s elections board is defending itself against charges by Gov. Pat McCrory’s campaign of wrongful or illegal conduct in the reporting late on election night of 94,000 votes cast in the heavily Democratic county.

The elections board released a blow-by-blow description of what happened after a lawyer for the state Republican Party this weekend filed a formal protest accusing the board of “malfeasance” in counting the ballots.

McCrory’s campaign team wants Durham County to manually recount each of the original paper ballots before reporting official results this week. Under state law, counties will complete a canvass of all their votes by Friday. The state elections board is scheduled to make the election results official late this month. Candidates could then appeal decisions they oppose to state courts. The Republican-dominated Legislature could ultimately determine the outcome if left unresolved by elections boards and judges.

McCrory’s re-election effort was in the lead for much election night until the more than 94,000 votes from Durham County were reported shortly before midnight. That turned the advantage to Democrat and Attorney General Roy Cooper.



Anonymous said...

Those dead vote were late to the polls.

Anonymous said...

It's either legal or it's not. Which is it?

Anonymous said...

Something very strange in the Gubernatorial election. McCory went from being ahead by 45,000 votes to losing by 5,000 votes after the Durham votes were added late in the night. This means that Cooper had to get 74,000 of the 94,000 votes cast in Durham for that to happen. Also Trump, Burr(the incumbent Republican Senator), Forest(the incumbent Republican Lieutenant Governor) all beat their Democratic opponents by the same percentages and had about the same vote totals that were about 100,000 more votes than McCory. Also the state house and senate returned republican majorities.

Anonymous said...

The paper recount should be the telling tale here. Should be interesting.