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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

CBS Held Trump’s Call For Peace All Weekend Long — Now People Are Furious

People are furious that CBS never published a clip of Donald Trump calling for an end to violence in his name.

The president-elect sat down for an interview with Lesley Stahl on “60 Minutes” Friday. Because the episode didn’t air until Sunday, CBS released teased several short promotional videos of the interview.

Though the network teased a clip of Trump shifting his position on Obamacare, it did not release one of him demanding that his supporters not attack minorities.

“I am very surprised to hear that, ” Trump said when Stahl told him some attacks on minorities have been committed. “I hate to hear it. I am so sorry to hear it, and I say stop it. And I say right to the camera, stop it.”



Anonymous said...

HE did not soften nor shift his position on Healthcare. I am so sick of the lies. He clarified his position but still upholds his intent to stop this madness.

I can not even watch the news anymore. Overnight I was awake at 3AM and CBS was on twisting his words and bashing Bannon WITH NO FACTS.

How utterly irresponsible.

I ended up watching one of the old TV stations.

I just can't stand it anymore.

Anonymous said...

This should not surprise anyone. Trump will be under attack for the next four years.

Anonymous said...

The perpetrators of the violence are primarily dumbocrats!

Neither the turd or the HildaBeast have said anything to decry the rioting and violence.

Anonymous said...

Stahl needs to check the facts
It is the ignorant minorities attacking white folks who voted Trump
They are scared of losing their handouts

Anonymous said...

I get it that people are upset at CBS but I hope Donald Trump isn't one of them. The man has a twitter account and hasn't been afraid to use it. There was nothing stopping him from waiting for CBS. Personally I'm more upset about the (false) story that Trump's children were getting security clearances that made the rounds. All the news sources cited each other and not one of them verified that any applications had been made. The MSM needs to set a better journalistic example before blasting online alternative news.

Anonymous said...

You MUST invoke a Country wide boycott on these stations and their sponsors, its the ONLY way to make them accountable!!! STOP watching their channels!! Stop buying their product!

Anonymous said...

What gets me is that teachers and school administrators don't emphasise the importance of the american system of how elections are held and the importance of voting and accepting the results.Schools should hold assemblys to make students realize that as american citizens it their duty to respect american values and the constitution of the US. Anyone who disagrees with election results will have an opportunity to express their opinion on the next election.The education system is not educating they are indoctrinating young minds with very radical left wing BS. Anyone who sends their children to public schools if they can afford otherwise is crazy.

Anonymous said...

They just wanted to let the hoods get stocked up on goodies for christmas.

Anonymous said...

Trumps kids will not use home brew servers and don't have radical parents.

Anonymous said...

Trump needs to learn to not comment so much or fall into
the Clinton Mafia's Press Traps , as they try to set him up

They are like a bunch of Vulchers waiting for the kill,
just waiting for him to slip up

They will try to hold him to what they want him to say, and
play it all back later when they want to attack him.....

All will be Ganging up on the New Pres-Elect ...Be careful
Trump.... We americans want you to do Well despite those
Haters from Hillary (those sore losers)......Good Luck !!!