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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Poll: Only One in Seven Adults Insist Donald Trump’s Election was Illegitimate

Just one in seven American adults strongly believe that Donald Trump’s election is illegitimate, says a new Washington Post/ABC poll, which was released amid a growing campaign by progressives to de-legitimize the election of President-elect Donald Trump.

In contrast, 74 percent American adults recognize the election as a legitimate election.

That’s three out of four Americans.

Of that 74 percent, 58 percent “strongly” support the legitimacy of the election, and 16 percent “somewhat” support the election. Five percent “somewhat” believe the election is illegitimate.

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Anonymous said...

Once again, it depends on how you ask the question. If you ask me if there was widespread election fraud, I would say yes. There are plenty of examples of illegals voting and machines flipping the votes cast. However, if you ask me if Donald Trumps victory was legitimate, the answer would be yes. He won in spite of all the fraud perpetrated against him!

Anonymous said...

So what's all the screaming and tantrums all about?

A VERY SMALL group trying to dictate to the majority.

As usual. But no more.

We've had ENOUGH.

Anonymous said...

Market research is a science. You may pick out the people to interview who will give you the answers you are looking for. Been there, done it. It's called demographics.

Anonymous said...

They are All Hillary's Mafia bunch
Those crybaby's are Sore Losers !!!!.....who cares......

Anonymous said...

Trump is going to be all Ya's President Period !!!!

Don't like it ? Tuff

Anonymous said...

these polls lie. period

Anonymous said...

Just where and how do they get these stupid polls?
Remember all those presidential polls?; they were all wrong!
Forget polls, they're worthless.

Donald Trump IS our new President and we're extremely fortunate and blessed to have him.

Steve said...

I believe the "spread" of popular votes being just about even is a joke, and DJT had a landslide number so big that unless they "gave" it to him, the recounts would have revealed MASSIVE fraud on all levels.

So, to avoid Civil War, they had to give it to DJT.

Other than that, it was a fair election.