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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Donald Trump’s secret ‘God vote’

The Catholic priest sitting before me as we chatted near Krakow, Poland, in the 1970s was passionate. He was briefing me on the Polish people’s courageous stand against the communists led by Polish hero Lech Walesa. “It was not just a political movement,” he said, “It was spiritual. If you check the demands the labor unions were making of the government, they were not about wages and working conditions. They wanted religious holidays and other concessions for their Catholic Christian faith. The massive strikes secured them. There was a spiritual awakening driving the movement.” To be sure, the faith component to the uprising was lost to the Western press.

This week’s stunning electoral coup which made Donald Trump President-elect of the United States also was driven by a faith component. What started out as a devil’s choice for evangelicals became a movement to save the faith in America. The awful electoral choice pitted lies and corruption on one side against vulgarity, bigotry and narcissism on the other. It put the devout in a bind of conscience like no other presidential race in memory … if ever.



Anonymous said...

There are remarkable parallels between what's happened here, and that period of time in Poland.

Steve said...

It still amazes me that this person still interprets Mr. Trump's quote to the claim that Trump personally did the actual deed. When this FACT is ignored, the rest of the article becomes trash, no matter what religious agenda is being pushed by the man.

Trump never said he did the deed. Rewind and youtube the actual quote, and discover the truth yourself.

I do agree it was a "God and morality" vote, and the FACT of the real quote is included. Most of us got that, and voted accordingly.

Anonymous said...

The appalling smug arrogance is just unfathomable.

To first posit the existence of a deity, of which there is no evidence of what-so-ever. THEN have the audacity to make claims as to it's political perspective, as if it cast a vote, or influenced the vote. Tell me, how was this conclusion drawn? How was the evidence collected?

This is absurd. Preposterous. Hogwash. Thinly veiled attempts to ride the wave of Trump popularity to garner donations. Money. That is what this boils down to. Stroke the place that feels good for you, and in return you'll give money.

Question? Does your deity have a plan? Do you believe he gave everyone a purpose?

If God is responsible for Trumps victory, what say you about Obama winning 2 elections in a row? About legalization of gay marriage? How about the holocaust? Slavery?

See, you don't get to have it both ways.... you can't say God is responsible for something, with no way to prove said claim, then say he is not responsible for atrocities just because you find them distasteful, then turn around and say your deity has a "plan". These ideas are in direct conflict.

So I ask, what is more likely? That the person making this claim is positing a true claim that they can provide evidence for? Or that it is simply a grab at your wallet because the time is right and you feel good about this and you WANT it to be true, even if it isn't... and now is the time to strike because you are ripe, for the picking?