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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Baltimore Gets Another Pro Football Team

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Baltimore football fans will soon have another home team to root for, but don’t worry the Ravens aren’t going anywhere.

Monumental Sports and Entertainment announced it’s new Arena Football League team will play at the Royal Farms Arena starting in the spring of 2017.

Baltimore loves its football. You can’t walk down the street without seeing someone in a Ravens shirt. Now, the end of the NFL season will no longer mean the end of football.

Arena football puts fans face-to-face with each play, pass and tackle. The more intimate, indoor seating, is often considered more fast-paced than a stadium-game and now it’s coming to Baltimore.



Anonymous said...

None of us will need to think about anything of substance at all.

We can all become mindless robots rooting for our favorite masonic team.

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Anonymous said...

Like your educated ass does every election? 1 or four years they are all the same.