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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trump's Geographic Landslide

Donald Trump won the presidency, but Hillary won the Popular Vote by a margin of 206,379 or so.

That fact caused Simon Rosenberg, a veteran Democratic strategist and the president of the NDN think tank to moan about aDemocratic Party in Crisis.

“We are the only democracy in the developed world where if you win more votes you don’t control the government and the legislature. There is not a wholesale rejection of the Democratic party and the Democratic brand, that’s not what happened last night despite the fact we now have less power than we’ve had since 1928.”

Let’s investigate Rosenberg’s complaint another way.



Anonymous said...

We are a democratic republic. The states make up that republic.

Anonymous said...

As we all know, the US was never established as a Democracy.
This is a lie told by the Public Education folks to fool the American people.

The United States for America was established as a Constitutional Republic. The majority does NOT rule in our Country. Our Constitution protects INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS of the "people" (land owners).

Regarding the map: Is it mathematically possible to win that much area and have an electoral lead of almost 40 points, but LOSE THE POPULAR VOTE?

Or, did the MSM lie to us about the popular vote?

In the past, when there were mixed results (popular vs. electoral) the electoral was very close, and the popular vote was very close. In this election, the electoral was not close (39 points).

Anonymous said...

look at the map. in addition how many illegals voted. last I heard it was around 2 million

Anonymous said...

1. we are NOT a democracy, but a Representative Republic. Period
2. there were 3 million fraudulent votes cast in this cycle.

Anonymous said...

If if you would research the electoral vote you would understand it more. In essence it is the popular vote. What I don't understand is after Trump, during the last debate said he wasn't sure if he would accept the results of the election most of the country went crazy including Hillary. They screamed how unpatriotic and how disrespectful this was to our country and democracy and in the end they are doing just that. They are crying, whining, and vandalizing and yet no word from Hillary or the Democrats. Hypocrisy abounds!

Anonymous said...

That was hillarys illegals voting.

Anonymous said...

I plan to research it so I will understand it more.

I'm with the other commenter: Is it mathematically possible to lose the popular vote when the electoral vote was not close?

Are there any mathematics folks on this site who might answer the question?

Anonymous said...

Yea and I also find it really funny how they preach how they are all about love and come together, then why are all of them out preaching and acting out in so much hatred ?
Who are the real ones of hate?

Anonymous said...

Dont forget all the dead that voted also.

Anonymous said...

The big cities and isolated areas are where all of the criminals, thugs, people dependent on government handouts, and whacko liberal fruits and nuts all live.

If they were all equally distributed throughout the country, the map would look quite different...problem is that the rest of the country's residents won't put up with their crap - so they crown together in their liberal bastions of safe spaces.

The electoral college was designed to protect the people from localized factions overriding the will of the greater amount of the country.

It worked 'for' Jack Kennedy as well as it worked 'for' Donald Trump. It is surviving the tests of time and is equally effective!

Anonymous said...

Once the illegal votes are subtracted, the numbers will be strongly and conclusively in Trump's favor.

Anonymous said...

5:00 PM - Right on!

Anonymous said...

All that red says it all...people were fed up with the dems and failed policy..they had eight years to do something and we laid stagnant for the whole eight years.Now lets see what Donald can do!!!