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Friday, November 11, 2016

Watch a supporter urge Hillary Clinton to 'sue the United States' over the outcome of the election

While protesters flooded streets all over the country opposing Donald Trump's election victory, one man gave an impassioned plea for Hillary Clinton to contest the results.

Telling a CNN correspondent "I wanted Hillary to win more than anybody," the unidentified man launched into a lengthy appeal live on air Wednesday night.

"I need Hillary to stand up right now, and walk in and sue the United States of America," he said, insisting that the Democratic nominee won the popular vote.

During her concession speech earlier Wednesday, Clinton said "We must accept this result and look toward the future," adding that Trump deserves "a chance to lead."

The CNN reporter interrupted the man, saying "It looks like Donald Trump won fair and square," and asked the man if he thought the electoral college should be dissolved.

"Hillary had more votes," the man said. "More human beings voted for Hillary. Just count the votes."



Shavoxjohn said...

This goes to show you how ignorant a lot of Americans are.

The Electoral College, the "fourth branch" of our government, gives every state an equal voice in our presidential elections. Without the Electoral College the most populous states, like New York, Texas, California and Illinois would determine the Presidency. Thank our Founding Fathers for having the foresight to establish the Electoral College.

Anonymous said...

Take out the illegal aliens that voted for the hildabeast and trump wins by a landslide

Paladin said...

I agree with 6:36 - most of America is completely uneducated as to the Electoral College, and I have no doubt that they will continue to complain about the 'popular vote' for a very long time. This is, at best, a very poor argument and the Electoral College will stay in place to give equal representation to all states of the union.


Anonymous said...

He was proven to be a plant...It does highlight that the Democrat party is fascist.

Anonymous said...

Any future lawsuits should be directed at Clinton, not by her.

dogg said...

This is obviously a Civics deficient person. Im glad common core is almost gone. Maybe the next group of kids will learn true history and how the govt works.