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Friday, November 11, 2016

You Want Unity, GO TO WORK NOW!

Just because President Obama and Hillary Clinton said, (once) the country needs to come together and unite, I will NOT allow them to play the game of sitting back watching America get destroyed from within and say, we already said something.

Mr. Obama is still our President and he needs to take very serious action against these protesters. No excuses! 

Peaceful protests are one thing but destroying property and violence against others should be considered hate crimes and people need to go to jail. 

I'm not a law enforcement officer but we cannot have another Baltimore. 

What do you think, how should this be addressed and by whom?


Anonymous said...

Why are we tolerating the interference of George Soros and his Open
Society Foundation in our election?

There was quite an uproar over the supposed interference by the
Russians.. threats of cyberwar and the like.

But it's OK for Soros to pay people to riot and assault Trump
supporters, place sympathetic supporters in Secretary of State positions
where they can influence the voter registration and counting processes,
and fund organizations that are trying to undermine our constitutional

We certainly have the capability to deal with this.

So why aren't we?

I think it's because of whose purposes it serves. Prove me wrong.

Talk is cheap. Let's put the hackers on this NOW if we REALLY want that orderly, smooth transition you spoke of, Mr. Obama.

Anonymous said...

Where is Michelle Obama! The First Liar was all talk during the campaign "when they go low we go high." She should too be addressing this but she won't because just like the lying ghetto hustler she is married to they are swimming in nothing but a sea of lies. The world will be a better place when that filth vacates the white house. They should fade into obscurity because God knows they serve no useful purpose in society and that is why His hand was all over this election.

Anonymous said...

I agree if you read about the protests and how the colleges are supporting the protestors it will make you sick. They had days off from classes and tests due to stress, and they had councelors to help the students to deal with the election results! Your right Obama do something right for once and grow a pair, address things head on, this is why Hillary did not get the vote she wants to be Obama II.

Anonymous said...

If Russia or Iran or North Korea were doing the things that Soros is doing, would they be acts of war?

Or if al Qaida or ISIS were doing it?

Peaceful protests are fine. No problem with that. A constitutional right.

But if they turn violent or destructive, clear the streets in whatever way is necessary.

Anonymous said...

Drug test the protestors. If any turn up positive, suspend all social service payments and benefits. They can live off Soros.

Anonymous said...

Well we all know that Obama and his wife will not do a damn thing.

Anonymous said...

The media is making this so much worse adding fuel to the fire!

Anonymous said...

When black lives matter riots were happening Obama as much encouraged it.

Anonymous said...

It's just a continuance of a horrible will all change in 2017.....Obama fails to act, protesters should be dealt with as soon as they break the whatever means are needed to restore peaceful and lawful communities.

Anonymous said...

Love the 2 hand signs!

As above, so below.