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Friday, November 11, 2016

Tesla shows off SolarCity solar roofs for homes

To Elon Musk it seems obvious: the future of energy is in solar.

The CEO of Tesla repeated this sentiment multiple times at a press event on Friday at Universal Studios, where he gave customers the first look at an integrated solar roofing solution that will combine Tesla and SolarCity technologies.

"[I'm] quite confident [that] over time, if it's done right, every roof will be solar," Musk said.


Surrounded on both sides by Hollywood sets, familiar to people from shows like the Desperate Housewives, Musk, along with executives from SolarCity, revealed the look of the solar roofs, which he promises will be more efficient and last longer than conventional roof tiles.

To the surprise of everyone gathered on the Universal lot, each of the four set homes had been outfitted with solar roofs, which are made up of glass tiles that are embedded with solar cells. They had been redone over the course of two weeks, and according to Musk, will probably be functional enough to run.


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