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Friday, November 11, 2016


The media is obviously now enjoying finding another way to make the President-Elect Donald J Trump look inadequate to the job. They now say, and Van Jones in particular, that Trump should be addressing the protesters and rioters. The protesters and rioters they themselves agitated over the course of several months of slander, libel and lies. The mission of the left, and this includes nearly all media, was to discredit the President-Elect. Their lies, as Joseph Goebbels rightly said during the Nazi rise to power, repeated often became public truth.

President-Elect Donald J Trump, is such a racist and sexist that his campaign spokesperson is a black woman. He's such a sexist that he has helped women shatter the glass ceiling in construction and politics. Kellyanne Conway is the first woman to be the campaign manager of a winning presidential candidate. The lunatic left, being lied to for nearly a century by-the-way, is out of touch with reality. In fact, Trump fired MEN because they weren't getting the job done! Sexist!!!

The media has itself to blame for the violence. The made-up story of Muslims being attacked by Trump supporters is yet their newest lie. They will stop at nothing until they finish the destruction of America. These pundits are consistent in their on-going attack of Trump, his supporters and those who believe in the Constitution in general. They have 1st amendment rights but we have choice as well. Turn them off. Destroy their ratings. Boycott CNN and MSNBC in particular. Here's why. Fewer eyeballs watching their lies, fewer advertising dollars.

Your correspondent readily admits to watching more CNN than any other network. My reason is to keep an eye on their misconduct and unethical reporting. Mr. Trump isn't perfect, but when they criticize even the way he breathes, it's time to tune them out. They and the other allegedly mainstream media need to be tuned out. Let them know that the masses do not approve of their tactics. Force them to fairness by tuning them out.

I assure you that in the coming months, I will make fair commentaries. If Mr. Trump is doing something to hurt our country, I will say so. If the Democrats do something good or well, I will say so. But frankly, right now the media, the Democrats and the weak citizens in the streets who are so poorly informed, deserve to be exposed. They are entitled to protest. But they are entitled also to be judged for what they are; media and Democrat pawns exposed by their hatred of Trump supporters, Mr. Trump, and America. Shame on the media. Shame on them.

" The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection. The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."

How do you feel about the media? Please post your comments below.

Yours in the Constitution,
Thomas Paine


Anonymous said...

The youth are to stupid and do not bother to do any research to see why this happened.

All they know is that they grew up getting everything they wanted for free and expect the same in adult hood

Put down your phone, get off facebook and educate your self.

Talk to your elders. We have endured much much more than you ever will. Learn your history. Not just the crap you are indoctrinated with in school. Learn the truth

Anonymous said...

its a shame what the media has come to today. the mainstream media is extremely biased. they are so far to the left they make communists look like pikers. they have absolutely gone against the rules of good journalism. thanks sjd

Anonymous said...

Trump should address them? Obama is still Pres ain't he?

Anonymous said...

I love that so many media are having to eat crow. The crazist I've heard is about all the children who are scared and crying. All I can say to that is, good job parents - not only are you losers, you are raising loser children with your warped view of life.