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Friday, November 11, 2016

Anti-Trump Protesters Were Bused in to Austin #FakeProtests

Thursday night was day two of protesters taking to the streets in Downtown Austin to protest President-Elect Donald Trump. Something causing quite the controversy, it is going around on social media these protests are fake and these people are paid.

Some pictures of charter buses were Tweeted just before nine Wednesday night by someone in Austin with the caption "Anti-Trump protestors in Austin today are not as organic as they seem. Here are the buses they came in. #fakeprotests #trump2016 #Austin.” As of Thursday night, it had been retweeted more than 11,000 times. The Twitter user goes on to say “I did not see loading or unloading. There were even more buses than in pics. Quite near protests at right timing. Looks very planned. Every group Trump has possibly offended seemed too perfectly represented. The buses just blocks away," when responding to questions of its legitimacy.  



Anonymous said...

I seeing that they were bused into Portland too courtesy of Soros.

Anonymous said...

suprise, suprise.

Anonymous said...

Paid for by George Soros.