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Friday, November 11, 2016

Letter: The Silent Majority Has Spoken

Dear Editor,

Where were all the Donald Trump bumper stickers? Why didn’t we see the yard signs as in past elections? Trump has been elected President by the silent majority. Why were his supporters so silent? Maybe they were too busy working hard to pay their mortgages and rising taxes and rising healthcare costs due to government interference.

Trump supporters didn’t whine about inequality or so called “glass ceilings.” We all know that had Hillary Clinton won, women would not have been getting higher pay and bigger promotions. Instead, women would be receiving paychecks with even more money extracted by Uncle Sam. For whatever she promised women, her goal was to exert more governmental control over ALL of us, which is quite the opposite of empowering women.

When Hillary took the role of the first unelected “Co-President” rather than graciously being The First Lady, she attempted to ram Mandatory Public Healthcare down our throats. But she failed. It was the next ELECTED President who implemented ObamaCare which turned out to be a costly, abysmal failure. President Obama’s background working with the likes of Rahm Emanuel and the Pastor Jeremiah Wright, the racist preacher who actually used the words God Damn America from his pulpit, prepared him well to fit in with the Washington political machine which is corrupt to the core.



Anonymous said...

Blm doing a huge protest today at 4 pm.
Shoot them with job apps.

Anonymous said...

Due to the insane actions of the liberals, many people were fearful to show support for Trump. The media acts like their hair is on fire about the Republicans when in reality, it is the liberals who trash and burn cities and neighborhoods when they are unhappy with the outcome. The media needs to take a hard look at themselves and the liberals and recognize where the true hatred is.

Anonymous said...

In this election, the adults had to take the controls of government back away from the children that have been running it for the last 8 years.

Anonymous said...

We had sign in yard some one stole it

Anonymous said...

I knew that silent majority would come through,also the silent tea party.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget Susan Parker and the Daily Slime endorsed Clinton - the first rule for an editor is know your readers Susan.

Anonymous said...

The more they cry the more the Trump train grows.

Anonymous said...

because i was afraid.
(if I'm honest)

Anonymous said...

We're not afraid, not in Pittsville.

Vote for who ever you want, but don't think you're going to engage in political thuggery here.

Pittsvillains don't put up with it.