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Friday, November 11, 2016

How sweet it is!

To God Goes the Glory!

God answered the nation's prayers and has given us a chance to return this country to the Constitutional Republic gifted to us by the Founding Fathers. Let's continue to pray that our President-elect will surround himself with wise people who love America and will help him Make America Great Again. The hard working men and women of America, many Democrats and Independents, along with Republicans are finally sick of the media elite, the Hollywood elite and the political establishment elite. As Americans, we just want our country back from a ruling class of poohbahs and potentates that crosses party lines and has gotten fat on our backs. Crony capitalism, dependency, debt, swelling bureaucracy, shrinking military, open borders, globalism, attacks on life, religious liberty, property rights, and second amendment rights were rejected. And voters chose Donald Trump who vowed to be a champion for the "forgotten Americans."

For the first time since 1928 Republicans will control the Presidency the Senate and the House. President Donald Trump will have an historic opportunity to deliver on the commitments that he made, to those who have been left behind by the progressive agenda.

Though we were celebrating the Trump victory last night, we were disappointed about our own Congressional races. Maryland (because of those who thrive from federal government salaries and contracts, and those who depend on government handouts) remains out of step with the movement that swept the nation. Despite great and credible candidates who worked tirelessly, we will still just send our one Republican, Andy Harris, to Congress. Andy, who strongly supported Trump will be an important voice for us with the new Administration.

A special thank you to Kathy Szeliga, who gave up nearly a year of her life and waged a tireless battle to capture the open Senate seat. Kathy articulated our conservative values and helped to keep the momentum that elected Larry Hogan moving forward. She will continue to be that strong voice in the Maryland House of Delegates.

It was heartening to hear Mark Plaster last night announce his determination to win his Congressional seat in 2018. I expect his next campaign will begin after a brief recharging of his batteries! All of our candidates campaigned hard for conservative values, and all Marylanders are better off with the competition of ideas they offered.

Yes, there are still tensions within the GOP. But as CNN's Jake Tapper noted last night, "We've been talking. . . about what's going to happen to the Republican Party, and the bloodletting, and the infighting, and who's going to lead the Republican Party and all that. Again, completely wrong. It's the Democratic Party that's going to have this fight." Republicans, let’s unite and enjoy the opportunity ahead!

Ellen Sauerbrey


Anonymous said...

My vote was for making America Great again. I believe many are brain washed the far left because they control education, MSM, Hollywood, and the music industry. I also believe many Americans are waking up they see the abuse of power twisting of the laws, manipulation of minorities. It's time to wake up America and take our country back.

Anonymous said...

We refuse to unite with the likes of spies, liars and treasonous people like ryan, romney, mccain and that sc devil...and somehow these dirtbags are leading this party?!?! Drain the swamp!!!!!

Anonymous said...

One nation under God. In God we trust.

Anonymous said...

And thank YOU, Ellen, for your tireless fight!

Anonymous said...

We have 2 years befor the next election we don't need to waste time and energy fighting with a few rinos besides without them we are screwed.The best thing we could do is to try to win them over by any means necessary,blackmail if necessary.