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Friday, November 11, 2016

Calif., Nev., Mass. Legalize Marijuana; Fla. OKs Medical Pot

California, Massachusetts and Nevada legalized marijuana on Tuesday, three more wins for the state-driven shift towards legalizing a substance the federal government still categorizes as a "most dangerous" drug.

Voters in Florida and North Dakota also approved medical marijuana measures. More than 60 percent of Florida voters backed a constitutional amendment making medical marijuana available for residents with debilitating illnesses whose doctors advised cannabis use.

North Dakota approved dispensing small amounts of marijuana to qualified patients registered with the state, or allowing those who reside far from dispensaries to legally grow their own.



Anonymous said...

I am suddenly feeling ill. What illnesses are covered in FL?

Anonymous said...

This is so freaking sad that CA legalized weed but yet votes in background checks required to by ammunition. I hope they do secede from the union! They can be the country of Moronica!