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Monday, November 21, 2016

Reid Lied About Romney’s Taxes; Now Lies About Trump, Bannon

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) took to the Senate floor this week to attack Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon as a “a champion of white supremacists,” recycling false accusations against him and demanding that President-elect Donald J. Trump rescind Bannon’s Sunday appointment as Chief Strategist and Special Counselor in the new administration.

(Bannon remains on a leave of absence from Breitbart after joining the Trump campaign as CEO in August.)

Reid has a long history of making false accusations from the floor of the Senate, using the parliamentary privilege he enjoys to slander political opponents. In 2012, then-Majority Leader Reid infamously attacked Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney from the floor of the Senate, claiming that he had paid no taxes for ten years, and citing an unnamed source. “So the word is out that he has not paid any taxes for 10 years. Let him prove he has paid taxes because he has not,” Reid claimed.

Reid never revealed his source or proved his allegation, which turned out to be false, outside of the Senate. When CNN’s Dana Bash interviewed Reid in 2015 to discuss his plans for his forthcoming retirement, he admitted having lied, but said he had no regrets. “So no regrets, not about Mitt Romney about the Koch brothers. Some people have even called it McCarthyite,” Bash said.

Reid responded: “Well, they can call it whatever they want. Um…Romney didn’t win, did he?”



Anonymous said...

And now Hillary supporters are threatening injury and death to electors if they don't vote for Hillary when they cast their votes on December 19th. They are guilty of more wrongdoing than what they are accusing Trump of. He never threatened anyone with his remarks. I hope his Justice Department investigates and punishes these idiots.

Anonymous said...

Sure would like to take old Harry on a hunting trip.

Anonymous said...

Harry, take a knee and let's have a chat about reality. No, this isn't a request, it's an order.

Anonymous said...

the Clinton Lying Disease is spreading rapidly to All the Dems/Progressives, to include Dirty Harry and All the MSM to include all the left wing papers.

Anonymous said...

Lying is not a newly acquired skill for Dingy Harry.

Many of his utterances are World Class whoppers, including the one how he was clobbered by his exercise machine!

Obama Crooked Bastardo said...

Liberals have adopted the policy of "The Truth is Optional" and ""Spin the Bull$&-+ As Long As You Can" Dirty Harry been doing it for 30 years, Fortunately the American people, the ones who couldn't take the crap anymore, rose to the occasion and on election day said NO MORE and elected Donald Trump.
Dirty Harry will be joining Clintons at the Retirement / You're Fired Party.