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Monday, November 21, 2016

40 Gallon Chili Feast In Pittsville

Each year a group of us get together in Pittsville for Rick & Pat's community chili feast. Because we start so early in the morning this time of year we're in heavy winter coats. This year was slightly different though. We started out with coats but once the sun started to break we were tearing off layer after layer of clothing. It turned out to be an incredible day with great fellowship with friends. 

This is no small deal Folks. There's 80 pounds of ground beef, a ton of beans and all sorts of ingredients to make this chili absolutely perfect. Six hours of constantly stirring the pot. You just can't get this kind of chili in any restaurant. Thanks again Rick & Pat.


Anonymous said...

Damn Joe "natural gas" prices should be lower in Pittsville with all those beans!!!! Ha Ha Ha Looks like a good time! ENJOY

Anonymous said...

The only better than chili is scrapple!

Anonymous said...

Sounds delicious!