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Monday, November 21, 2016

NJ Man Arrested For 323 Toll Violations Worth $20K Enters Drivers’ Hall Of Toll Shame

There’s that one time you didn’t realize your auto-paying toll pass wasn’t in the car, and then there’s earning yourself 323 toll violations and failing to pay the $20,869 in fees and fines you owe.

Authorities for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said a New Jersey man was arrested on Thursday for shirking more than 300 tolls after an officer on patrol spotted him driving through a toll without paying, the Staten Island Advance reported.

He allegedly had five different E-ZPass accounts going, a spokesman for the Port Authority Police said. He’s been charged with petit larceny and obstructing governmental administration by Port Authority Police.

He’s also nabbed himself a spot in the Consumerist Drivers’ Hall Of Toll Shame, joining the current members below:



Anonymous said...

typical government bs. $1 toll and the levies and fees make up the rest!
just another way the government robs the everyday citizen of their cash at the point of a gun!
revolution anyone?

Anonymous said...

Actually we should all do what this guy did.
Starve the government of money.
Put it out of business.