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Monday, November 21, 2016

Retailers Expect Big Turnout This Holiday Season

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Retail sales are looking promising this holiday season. Experts are forecasting bigger turnout and spending compared to last year.

Consumers are cashing in on the holiday deals — both online and in the stores.

“We did ten days of deals and we have been seeing the guest traffic slowly flowing in,” said Jasmine Monroe, Target team leader.

Special offers are rolling out early, giving customers a jump start.



Anonymous said...

Now that we have some hope for the future of our country.....

Anonymous said...

consumerism is hope?

Zorro said...

With Hilary, Obama, Al Sharpton, Opie Winfree all going to jail because of Trump's election... Hoorah, let the shopping begin...

Anonymous said...

Until my financial situation improves, I will buy only what I need and nothing else. Remember, Obama is still in office. Don't expect things to get better until he is totally gone! It will take years to undo the damage he has already done!

Anonymous said...

4:32 you are so right. Its not like the stock market skyrocketed to record highs and unemployment dropped over the last 8 years. Its all Obama's fault. Before Obama our factories were all busy trying to hire as much US manpower as they could instead of replacing them with technology.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you.
but it is important to remember, it isn't Obama.
The POTUS has no clothes.

It is his BOSSES. The people he answers to. The people who write the scripts he reads.
The people who finance the campaigns, own the banks, and print the money.

He is / was just a puppet.

Anonymous said...

with all the increases in prices, (insurance, medical insurance, electricity, food medicine, water sewer, telephone service, outrageous cable prices etc.)how can anyone be optimistic about purchasing anything or making a buck selling anything?