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Monday, November 21, 2016

Obama: Establishment Media Were Shattered in 2016 Election

The American public has used the Internet to build a new mainstream media outside the establishment media’s control and power, President Barack Obama admitted to the top editor of the elite New Yorker magazine.

The editor, David Remnick, met with Obama for two hours on Nov. 10, just after Obama met the President Elect. Obama bemoaned the emergence of mainstream media outlets, such as Drudge and Breitbart and Facebook-shared conservations, that do not take their orders from establishment politicians, experts and institutions.

What frustrated Obama and his staff [in the 2016 campaign] was the knowledge that, in large measure, they were reaching their own people but no further. They spoke to the networks and the major cable outlets, the major papers and the mainstream Web sites, and, in an attempt to find people “where they are,” forums such as Bill Maher’s and Samantha Bee’s late-night cable shows, and Marc Maron’s podcast. But they would never reach the collective readerships of Breitbart News, the Drudge Report, WND, Newsmax, InfoWars, and lesser-knowns like Western Journalism—not to mention the closed loop of peer-to-peer right-wing rumor-mongering.

… That marked a decisive change from previous political eras, [Obama] maintained.

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Anonymous said...

That's why B Hussein Obama is now mentioning the need to suppress 'fake news'. As if the MSM news was real???
They have finally awoken the sleeping giant and still don't believe that we were not gullible! They were sure we loved the taste of fresh, steamy BS!! Come to find out... no we didn't.

Anonymous said...

Clinton Media you mean !!!