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Monday, November 21, 2016

It's Bad Enough The MSM Is Being Called Out For Lies & Gossip...

We had someone come on SBYNews this weekend who sent in a comment about alleged problems at the Civic Center this past weekend. While we had published their comment, I personally came back and challenged the hiding behind anonymous. I explained how they have zero credibility and it turns out I was exactly 100% correct.

The next thing we knew we were getting calls stating the EBT Blogger copied the comment, changed a couple of the words and ran with it as if it was all true, what an Idiot. The EBT Blogger never once looked into the situation and spread nothing but lies and gossip.

So this Post is about cleaning up this load of crap. 

It turns out a young, (18 or so) boyfriend and girlfriend got into an argument at the Civic Center. He shoved her and her girlfriend tried to defend her. The young man then clobbered the girl defending her and her date went after the guy who hit her and well, you can imagine the rest. NONE of them had wrist bands, (confirmed) so none of them had been served alcohol from the Civic Center.

As for the story of under age kids throwing up in the bathroom, again, that's a load of crap too. Something else had been said on social media about a young girl going to the hospital for alcohol poisoning, she was in her 40's, (not underage) and when she got to the hospital they allegedly found drugs in her purse, according to my source. 

Look, someone is clearly trying to bash the County and are getting their jollies spreading rumors, gossip and lies and some Idiots are running with these lies. Keep in mind too, kids aren't stupid. They know they're not going to be able to buy alcohol and in some unfortunate cases they'll drink before they get there and get out of hand. Come on now, we were all kids once and we made similar moves. 

Nevertheless, what's been spread out there is just not true. Shame on the former Sheriff's Deputy who participated with spreading those LIES without doing their own due diligence. Hence why that person is no longer with the Sheriff's Department. 

So on behalf of Bloggers out there, I'm sorry someone so irresponsible chose to run with such a false story. I'm sure you'll agree with me however, the EBT Blogger is very unstable. 


Anonymous said...

I was near the front row and the security were frequently walking back and forth. There were officers there inside and out. Yes the band can be removed and given to a younger person, but really it probably didnt happen as much as has been said on his blog. I was there for a while before the show started and didnt see anything. After the show, people were quickly going to their cars, not being drunk and rowdy as it was reported. There was even a few people dancing while the security stood near them watching and didnt say anything to them. The crowd around them even cheered their dancing. If it was really that bad, the acts would stop (look up youtube videos of acts stopping to yell at the crowds) or security would remove them which as you can see that they did. The problem was removed and nothing else happened.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Joe, for clearing this rumor up. It's obvious that the writer had some axe to grind, though it's difficult to pin down what that or those may have been.
As for the "other" blogger, most of his few readers understand the pathology there and take everything posted on that blog with a grain of salt, sometimes a pound of it.