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Monday, November 21, 2016

National Public Radio Falsely Links Breitbart to White Separatists

National Public Radio (NPR) is continuing a campaign to defame Breitbart News as a white nationalist website. Even after being set straight on Wednesday, the taxpayer-funded outlet continues to defy the facts in its effort to smear the incoming Trump administration and crush a conservative media upstart.

This time, the lie comes via Kelly McEvers, who filed a slanderous story on Thursday’s edition of All Things Considered: “‘We’re Not Going Away’: Alt-Right Leader On Voice In Trump Administration.”

In it, McEvers suggests that because Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon once told Mother Jones that Breitbart had become “the platform for the alt-right,” Bannon and Breitbart therefore share to the racial separatist ideas of Richard Spencer, one of the people involved in the alt-right movement.

McEvers does not provide any actual evidence that Bannon or Breitbart share Spencer’s ideas. Moreover, she does not even show that Breitbart has ever published anything supportive of Spencer’s ideas. And — crucially — she does not inform listeners that there is no such evidence.

Instead, she suggests that Bannon, and Breitbart, share Spencer’s ideas, with passages such as the following:


Anonymous said...

So what if they are. Why can't we whites have our own groups? Black do.
They even have their own TV stations catering solely to blacks.

I love breitbart and all that Andrew stood for.

Whitey Girl.

Anonymous said...

Defund NPR.

There is no longer any need or reason for the taxpayers to fund this.

Anonymous said...

I really wish our local public radio stations would just stick to classical music and drop the liberal slanted news. I wonder how many people like me LOVE classical music but refuse to ever give NPR a dime? I dont even mind my tax dollars being used to promote the arts like classical or jazz, but I HATE the news....

Anonymous said...

What NPR has become regarding the political arena clearly shows that it is controlled by the left, yet it is funded by the tax dollars of everyone, right, left and in between.
NPR editors and reporters have a blatant leftist bent in their reporting and story creation. It's unacceptable that a publicly funded entity should have such one-sided power or ability. With this realization in hand, NPR needs to realign its priorities, or risk being renamed National Partisan Radio.

Anonymous said...

Breitbart was a Zionist.
He was accused of being anti-Semitic, but it was a ruse.

He was a staunch supporter of Israel and all that it stands for including the extermination of Palestinian people from the Holy Land.

Mr. Trump's cabinet is shaping up to be very pro-Israel with his son-in-law leading the way, backed by Goldman Sachs in the rigged financial markets.

He will do very well for Israel.
I just hope the American kids will continue to join the military to help with these wars.

Anonymous said...

I just hate that my tax dollars go to this left wing group. Why is this allowed to continue????

Anonymous said...

White people should love themselves more, they have let their culture deteriorate to accomodate everyone else's culture.