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Monday, November 21, 2016

Civil Rights Advocates Praise Jeff Sessions for Protecting Black American Workers

U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner Peter Kirsanow issued high praise for Donald Trump’s “inspired” decision to tap Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions as his Attorney General.

“Senator Sessions is a good man and a great man. He has done more to protect the jobs and enhance the wages of black workers than anyone in either house of Congress over the last 10 years,” Kirsanow told Breitbart.

Indeed, arguably no U.S. lawmaker has worked more tirelessly than Jeff Sessions to uphold the legacy of Civil Rights leader and late-Democratic Congresswoman Barbara Jordan–who, in arguing for immigration reductions, famously declared that immigration policy “ought to be a place where the national interest comes first, last, and always.”

“Of all the Senators and public officials that I’ve dealt with, I cannot think of anyone who has been more devoted to issues related to wages and employment levels of all Americans, but particularly black American workers,” Kirsanow said of Sessions.

"It’s a matter that we have discussed in several Congressional hearings— the most recent of which was in March of this year. He has chaired the [Senate] subcommittee dealing with the impact of… immigration on the employment levels of black Americans."

“He is a man of tremendous integrity. I think it was an inspired pick,” Kirsanow added. “He’s going to be a marvelous Attorney General.”

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