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Monday, November 21, 2016

Hidden Ipsos Poll: Public Strongly Backs Donald Trump’s Plan To ‘Pause’ Legal Immigration

A just-released poll shows that Donald Trump’s campaign-trail immigration and labor policies have overwhelming public support, and receive strong opposition from just one-sixth of voters.

The Ipsos poll shows that only about one-in-six Americans strongly oppose Trump’s policies towards immigrant labor, repatriations, sanctuary cities, Islamic migrants, employer oversight and his ground-breaking proposal to reduce legal immigration.

Trump’s labor and immigration policies are “strongly” backed by an average 32 percent of the respondents, and are “somewhat” supported by another 25 percent. That is an average support of almost 60 percent, versus strong opposition of just 15 percent. Roughly 10 percent did not answer the questions.

Ipsos is a highly rated polling firm, but conducted the poll in September and hid the pro-Trump answers until Nov. 16, a week after the election.

The poll shows the “strong support” and “somewhat support” numbers for various policies. That is important because those details help explain Americans’ contradictory desire to help their kids and also help foreign migrants. The “strong” and “somewhat” numbers also show how many Americans might take action if a controversial policy is implemented or cancelled.

Trump’s promise to start “immediately deporting” illegals who have committed crimes gets 75 percent strong and somewhat support, and only 7 percent strong opposition. That’s 10-to-one support..



Anonymous said...

Stop All Immigration Permanently !!

Long Over due // our country overcrowded now and will
need room to grow we don't want to be China
We don't owe anyone to come in ..we have taken Plenty (too
Much) from all over, for too many years
This is our Country, Not the rest of the worlds !!!
I don't see any other country giving theirs away , only ours

Anonymous said...

On top of that we see our own Gov giving them things we
don't even get
Such as setting them up in business with No taxes for 10 yrs
Who knows what our Gov also giving out ...they don't want you to know.........

Noone can complain about immigration , like we have not
done enough or not let enough in ...Bull !!

This is serious, Immigration needs to Stop , All of it !!!