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Monday, November 21, 2016

The Sky Is Falling


Anonymous said...

Not understanding the lack of humility here. More than half of the votes were for the Democratic Candidate.

Anonymous said...

November 21, 2016 at 8:16 AM:

That's "barely" more than half of the votes. If you take out the 3 million illegal non-citizen votes, she lost by a landslide. So what's your point? Trump voters hated Obama and his policies, but we had jobs; not food stamps, Obama phones, free healthcare, and housing assistance, that has let Obama supporters stay in the streets, long after the election, crying over their loss. Never saw that with the Trump supporters after the last two elections before this one. We were probably more pissed off than Obama's minions, but we didn't protest, and cry about it. It was what it was. we just waited until it was our turn again. Its our turn! Get used to it and quit crying.

Anonymous said...

LOL 8:16 there is nothing too understand. Trump supporters shouldn't be humble or modest. Since when are the democrats? For 8 yrs they have been telling us what's best for us and it's been nothing but one failure after another. It's high time you people got a dose of and can finally learn what real leadership is all about. You all need to either get onboard or sit down and shut up and suck it up. It's time to Make American GREAT AGAIN and not a country of pathetic weak losers who don't contribute but only run around with their hands out taking taking taking like they live in some 3rd world dictatorship.