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Monday, November 21, 2016

Bannon Unfazed by Criticism of Trump Appointment

Donald Trump's chief strategist, Stephen Bannon, is unfazed by the negative attention surrounding his White House appointment and feels no obligation to make peace with anyone in the Republican Party, according to two allies.

Bannon, the controversial former chairman of Breitbart News, has been holed up in an office at Trump Tower in recent days, taking a procession of meetings and phone calls as part of the transition effort.

All the while, he has been assailed by Democrats and civil rights groups who have called him everything from a white nationalist to a racist to an anti-Semite. Scores of Democrats in Congress have urged Trump to fire him.

Despite the criticism, sources close to Bannon say he’s not deviating an inch from the nationalist populist movement that propelled Trump to the presidency. If anything, he finds the negative attention motivating.

“He gets a kick out of that stuff,” said a source close to Bannon.

“He doesn’t care. He’s just doing what he has to do.”



Anonymous said...

Good for him.
I think we are all starting to feel that way toward the loony lefties.

WHO CARES what they think.

Steve said...

God bless Mr. Bannon!