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Monday, November 21, 2016

Hamilton actor who lectured Pence probably wishes he NEVER tweeted this

Two days after Hamilton actor Brandon Victor Dixon delivered a message to Mike Pence following the conclusion of the show, all eyes have been on him.

The hypocrisy in the message he sent has already been pointed out. While he spoke as if he was assuming Pence was a racist, telling him “we, sir, we are the diverse America,” he and the cast don’t practice what they preach. In fact, they had generated controversy months ago when they were looking for actors, specifically stating that they preferred non-white actors.

Now, people have been looking into his past tweets before he was in the public eye, and one in particular stood out.



Anonymous said...

hypocrites on steroids]

Anonymous said...

Lol yep i remember that pres Trump needs too see this .

Anonymous said...

That play is lame.

Anonymous said...

EEO violation! of course I'm sure they are held to different standards

Anonymous said...