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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sanders Calls for Political Revolution and Clinton Says She'd Build on Obama's Legacy in Iowa Town Hall Event

Both candidates say they have the better judgment to be president as the primary season begins.

The hope of the campaign trail and the pragmatism of governing clashed at an Iowa town hall meeting Monday night, as both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton each said that they had the better judgment and experience to be the 2016 Democratic nominee and nation’s next president.

It was an impressive display of two strong candidates, who, despite sharing many goals such as lessening the many forms of inequality afflicting the country, are offering decidedly different paths to achieve them. Sanders called for a political and economic revolution, where the money to meet many of America’s needs would come from confronting the wealthiest interests and using the full force of federal government to redistribute that money to benefit middle and working classes.



Anonymous said...

It's my belief that he was picked merely as an opponent to hillary. So she wouldn't be alone on the ticket. I sti;ll believe that, but it seems to have backfired in bernie's favor.

Anonymous said...

8:09 Didn't the same thing happen in 2008? And it backfired for all of us! Sometimes I think this process is worse than the alliances on Survivor/Big Brother/The Apprentice (pick one)that go bad. We all can see it coming, but there is nothing we can do about it!

Anonymous said...

What would have happened if one of the Democratic candidates had voiced complete opposition to Obama's policies? Answer:that person would have been a serious contender even if they had started at the bottom with no chance whatsoever of winning the nomination.They may have gone on to win the presidency and dispelled the myth that common ground cannot be established between the 2 parties.The notion that a Democrat can't make a good president is an illusion.

Anonymous said...

At least she's admitting to furthering the current POSPOTUS agenda! All we need to do is show everyone how bad it is and will continue to be!

Anonymous said...

10:08, praising the POTUS "legacy" was probably part of the deal for him to back her.

Go, Sanders!