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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Is Your City on This Years Bedbug List

Although bedbugs are moving from city to city, they’re not going away. And, it seems, the larger the city in which you live, the more likely you are to have a bedbug problem. 

Big Cities Top Bedbug List

According to Orkin's list of Top 50 Bed Bug Cities, the top four cities are four of the largest and most populated cities in the U.S., and three of four havemoved up in the ranks from the 2014 list, while #1 has stayed the same:

Chicago – This is the fourth year in a year that Chicago has ranked as the top bedbug city in the U.S. Be sure to check your hotel room if you travel to Chicago!

Los Angeles – At #2, Los Angeles has moved up two spots from last year, making its residents and visitors a bit more susceptible to bedbugs.

Washington, D.C. – Our nation’s capital moved up significantly in bedbug problems over the last year, jumping 11 spots from #14 in 2014 to #3 in 2015.

New York City – NYC was even harder hit, with a jump of 14 spots in rank, from #18 to #4. It seems that the bedbugs are just as active as the people in this “city the never sleeps.”


Anonymous said...

Gross! Think I'll just stay home!

Anonymous said...

Go sonic vs chemical.I have 3 plug ins that protect my entire house & have no adverse affect on my pets.They also get rid of every other insect,because bedbugs are the hardest to get rid of and everything else automatically leaves.Even mice and heaven forbid rats can't stand it.