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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Obama is making a big change to one of the harshest punishments for criminals

US President Barack Obama announced on Monday that he is banning the use of solitary confinement for juveniles and low-level offenders in federal prisons.

In a Washington Post editorialthat will be published on Tuesday, Obama outlined a series of executive actions he is taking at the recommendation of the US Justice Department.

The recommendations include the banning of solitary confinement for juveniles and prisoners who commit "low-level infractions," as well as an increase in the amount of time prisoners in solitary confinement can spend outside.

"The United States is a nation of second chances, but the experience of solitary confinement too often undercuts that second chance," Obama wrote in the editorial.



Anonymous said...

I've never stepped foot in any kind of jail, but god forbid it ever happened, I would HOPE to be put in solitary, rather than in general population.

Anonymous said...

He wants to reduce the life sentences murders got to just 25 years. Same gutless BS he is doing on Clinton, she needs to be arrested ASAP!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet he makes an exception for "hate-crimes"... If a white person kills a black, that is.

They'll get the express route to execution.

lmclain said...

You know what "undercuts that second chance" more than anything?
Blowing off the FIRST chance.
Keep cheering.