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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Amazon Prime is growing like crazy: 54 million members, up 35% from last year, says estimate

Amazon Prime, Amazon's $99-per-year loyalty program, now has 54 million US members, according to a new analysis from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP).

That's up 35% from this time last year (per CIRP estimates). Amazon doesn't reveal anything but the hazy "tens of millions" when talking about Prime subscribers.

Of the 14 million members that Amazon added in 2015, 7 million joined during the fourth-quarter holiday season. That could mean good news for Amazon ahead of its Q4 2015 earnings report this week.



Anonymous said...

The negatives FAR outweigh the positives.

Anonymous said...

which means there's no reason to raise the price!

Anonymous said...

What negatives? Free shipping and a great choice of Amazon video ( Mozart In The Jungle rocks).

Anonymous said...

What are the negatives? I have never had an poor experience with Amazon. Just wonding.

Anonymous said...

How could anyone not be a Prime member?

Anonymous said...

Prime is the best. Free music streaming, free video streaming, free shipping, all rolled into 1 yearly price. I get ahead with the shipping alone.