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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hats in the House

When a Gentleman Should Remove His Hat...or Should He at All?

I was brought up hearing that men should always remove their hats, and ladies should remove theirs if they obstruct someone's view. It seemed like a good rule back then, and I think it should be reinstated, if for no other reason but to show off some good manners.

I have to admit that I'm appalled by how disrespectful so many people have become. Hats aren't the main issue, but proper etiquette has to start somewhere.

Whether you're at a lively basketball game or a traditional church service, know the good, old-fashioned hat guidelines and follow them.

I recently received this message from a grandparent who is concerned about his grandson's manners:

Dear Ms. Mayne,

I love my grandson with all my heart, but when I see him walking around indoors with his hat on, I'm embarrassed. Back in my day, men were supposed to remove their hats out of respect. What does this say about the young people of today?



Steve said...

As soon as a website starts to autoplay anything, I hit the red X.

38y/o parent of 4 said...

this just shows how pathetic people are to complain about such nonsense. So it is okay for people to wear rags on their heads and cover up everything except for their eyes, but kids can't wear a hat inside? I can understand a big texas hat not being worn in a house with low ceilings, but otherwise, who cares! I hate hats and don't wear one, but I don't really care if my kids wear theirs inside or not. It's no different than my wearing my hearing aid or putting on my glasses or wearing my watch or bracelets or rings or shoes for that matter. Some people's homes make you take your shoes off once you are inside, but not in public places. And good luck enforcing anything in society these days when a man wearing speedos at the beach can use the women's bathroom to change since he identifies with being a female more just like bruce jenner. these types of posts only show where we've come from, but is not indicative of where we're going to be 50 years from now. As for being embarrassed, that's just ridiculous. Some people just can't accept change. Should we still look down on women who are divorced as being not good enough since she can't keep her man? Or bring back the scarlet letter? Society changes just as our language does. Not all of it is good, but old people need to get over it.

Anonymous said...

When you walk into my parents home-Your hat goes on the back of the couch and your shoes are left at the front door. It has been like that from day 1 and they are 85 today and those rules still apply today. And no cell phones or any kind of electronics are not allowed at the table and you have to put them on silence! We all talk and laugh and have great conversations.

Anonymous said...

8:48 Maybe if 6:58 spent more time at your parents' home, the 38 year old parent of four wouldn't be so cranky! And the four children would learn some manners, too!

Anonymous said...

9:38 your totally right. 6:58 probably has no manners to speak of. I'm 39...married...2 kids and all. No hats on inside and shoes go off at the door. No phones at the table. Hold doors for people, make a stand and speak your mind but better do it respectfully and mannerly or I will pull every hair out of their precious little heads.

People just don't have any morals or care anymore.

Anonymous said...

I'm still amazed at how many men leave their hats on at restaurants. Of course, maybe what's underneath isn't something we'd all like to see.

Concerned Retiree said...

These comments agree with me on why this world is going to "H---". There is no respect and Parents don't care or take the time to teach respect and manners. Parents are so liberal now they believe "Spare the Rod - Spoil the Child " is child abuse. They don't know that you don't have to break bones or draw blood, which is child abuse, to use punishment. There would be fewer gangs and drugs involving young people. I guess these views are "Politically Incorrect".