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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Maryland officials confident of snowstorm disaster aid

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) — Last weekend’s brutal snowstorm pummeled Maryland from the Atlantic coast to the West Virginia border, costing government agencies much more than the minimum requirement for a federal disaster declaration, the state’s emergency management chief said Tuesday.

The state aims to submit to federal authorities by mid-February an application seeking partial reimbursement for tens of millions of dollars in snow removal costs, damage to public property, and emergency measures to protect lives and property, Maryland Emergency Management Agency officials said.

The qualifying threshold for Maryland is $8.1 million under Federal Emergency Management Agency rules, “and we’ve met that without any question,” MEMA Executive Director Russell Strickland said.

“I think with the basic numbers that we’ve run, when you look at that in comparison to previous storms, we’ll easily make our threshold and overall should be in pretty good shape,” Strickland said in a telephone interview.


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Two Things Could Be True said...

Why? They have a wealth of people to help repair damage from the snowstorm. Just call the mayor of Baltimore and tell her to send up some of her street urchins who were rioting a little under a year ago. Obviously they don't have anything on their hands but time or else they wouldn't have been looting and tearing up the city. Get them to be the disaster relief and make them work for a change. Make sure you pay them low though so they won't lose their SSI benefits.