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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Walker win vaults Wisconsin Governor Into Vice Presidential Discussion

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s ability to fight off a concentrated Democratic recall challenge on Tuesday has instantly thrust him into the picture as a possible vice presidential pick for Mitt Romney, giving the low-key Mr. Walker the edge over rivals such as the more voluble New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Mr. Walker, like Mr. Christie still in his first term, has substantive advantages over the better-known New Jersey governor, considered by many conservatives as, at bottom, a moderate who “talks conservative.” The recall win caps Mr. Walker’s triumph in actually breaking the union lock on government employees in his state. New Jersey Democrats carp at Mr. Christie for having threatened to do what Mr. Walker has pulled off.

“Gov. Christie confronted unions through YouTube while Gov. Walker fought unions in the battlefield of the ballot box and prevailed,” said Oregon Republican National Committee member Solomon Yue.



Anonymous said...

As hard as the democrats and their union thugs tried to steal this election with fraud and intimidation and they still lost. BOOHOO! I can imagine that if the true voting results were known, this would have been a landslide victory, not a mere 6%.

Anonymous said...

Hey Big Union...SUCK IT !