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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Did I Miss Something?

After the Daily Times POUNDED the Council and headlined a Mayoral Veto, WHERE'S THE FOLLOW UP? Is there something in their print edition we can't see on line?


C Gilbert said...

What isn't in either edition is journalistic integrity.

Anonymous said...

Will someone with some please buy this paper?

Anonymous said...

Cmon Bassett, you jerk, you always have something to say. We're all waiting for your next load of bs. Man, we'll all party the nite they shut you down.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jimmbo, if it was Cohen or Campbell that pulled this stunt of yours, you'd be screaming insults from the highest hill at a press conference with 12 staffers in tow on the taxpayer dime.

Showing once again that they are ladies and you are an abusive child.