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Friday, December 30, 2011

Voting / Election Districts


I have been following this 2010 reorganization of voting districts and am clueless as to the “agenda” Well, maybe just against the “agenda” is a better way to state it. Currently, our governor wishes to draw zig zaggy lines around populated areas delineating lines between neighborhoods according to race. Why? What about LGTB’s? or Jews/ Catholics? Or murderers vs. robbers? Or Repubs vs Dems? Jeeze! What ever happened to the idea set forth in the Constitution that sets areas according to….wait for it…. POPULATION!!!! What are we and our congressmen and Governors even talking about “up there”?

Please encourage your congressmen and Governor to politely read and obey the Article I section II which is in the first 3 paragraphs. Takes longer to find and open the book than it takes to read it. By the way, they did take an oath when they took this job to read and obey this…

This crap is happening nationwide tight now and needs to stop and be done correctly, sorry.

Gary Bullard

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