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Friday, December 30, 2011

Live Video Chat While Driving? Might Be A Thing Of The Near Future

WASHINGTON -- There could be one more distraction to add to the list of gadgets that can distract drivers from the road.

Onstar is set to demonstrate in-car video chats and live video streaming in a Chevy Volt.

It says the prototype applications will be put in the demo car at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in the second week of January.

At last year's show, the company said any video features would be designed to only be active in the back seat, unless the car is in park.


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Anonymous said...

A comment worthy of a post:

The Daily Times caught City Solicitor Paul Wilbur in a lie via email sent to Salisbury City Council Members. I wonder if the City Council will do what's right and separate Wilbur from the city. If he lied about this issue and it's in writing I wonder how many lies he has been telling all along!

Other counsel sought for councilman's prosecution

"Wilber's email also states Maciarello's office was unable to procure services from a state's attorney's office in another county. However, Maciarello says no such inquiries were made."