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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Toddler hit by stray bullet on New Year's Eve, while mom was putting him in his car seat

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky — Police all over the country warned people not to ring in the new year by firing their guns into the air. A toddler's near-death experience this past New Year's Eve is a good example of how celebratory gunfire can turn dangerous.

If the bullet had hit 2-year-old Cameron Eli Compton just a few inches over, he may not have survived. Thankfully, the wound is not fatal. Cameron's dad, Dustin, said the bullet has been removed and that Cameron is going to be OK.

"We know that we are truly blessed that we still have our little soldier and that he's going to be OK," Dustin posted on Facebook.



Anonymous said...

We always fire our guns in the air but in the direction of Baltimore, a few more bullets flying around there is nothing.

Anonymous said...

Wow more ignorant words have never been spoken. Real gun owners know that you never fire a weapon at something that you don't intend to hit. Thankfully this child is relatively okay. Thank you for showing your stupidity for the world to see.

Anonymous said...

If you are firing straight up no one is going to get hurt. Bullet leaves a gun far higher than terminal velocity, gravity can only pull it down so fast. You could still crack the windshield of a moving car or give someone a small bump on their head. Some idiot must have fired parallel to the ground.
Or little Cameron had beef with Soulja boy.

Anonymous said...

12:25 is correct. During WW 2 this question was asked in London about all the bullets going up to get German Aircraft, and it was proven, no one will get killed by falling bullets.

Anonymous said...

The toddler should be armed and retaliate