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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Proposed Howard Co. bill prevents law, school officials to ask about immigration status

WASHINGTON — Two Howard County, Maryland, council members have sponsored a bill that would prevent police and sheriff’s deputies from inquiring about someone’s immigration status — unless they were investigating a crime that had been committed.

The bill sponsored by council members Calvin Ball and Jen Terrasa would also apply to school officials, for example.

Council member Calvin Ball said he was moved to craft the legislation after hearing from residents who were brought to the United States as children but didn’t have legal status. Among those Ball said he’s heard from are “College students who’d gone through the Howard County Public Schools — they were concerned about being targeted because of their immigration status. And when I hear stories like that, I just feel compelled to stand up for them.”



Anonymous said...

Soooo Liberally wrong!

Illegals should NOT be getting services that taxpayers foot the bill for - they are criminals! Even if you are working and contributing to the tax base - you are here illegally!

Anonymous said...

Show us the proofs.

Anonymous said...

aiding and abiding criminals...wheres the sheriff?