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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

MSP DUI Press Release 1-3-17 (Berlin Barrack)


Anonymous said...

Where's the Capt Massey posting?
MSP scratching backs huh?
Smells bad

Anonymous said...

Why ISN'T Capt. John Massey reported on the MSP press release for his alleged DUI. Is the MSP trying to conceal the arrest? They sure are dumb when they announce the name of the Trooper (EVANS) and then delete it from their OFFICAL RECORD yet it will be on the Md. Judicial Case search for anyone to see. Is the States attorney going to Nol Pros it because of who he is (CAPTAIN NRC POLICE) Wow what a snow job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SbyNews_Staff said...

Check the dates. The filing date on case search says 1-2-17. This release only goes til the 1st. Now say you are sorry. Check back next week.