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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

My New Year's Resolution


Anonymous said...

I have no idea where I live.My GPS is set on my residence & tells me where to turn and when.People are always asking me trick questions,like "how old are you"?or "where do you live"?I know I was born in the early 50's and my mother is still living.I know I have an older brother & I see him once a year or so.I have 2 sons who are somewhere in their 30's.I've been like this all of my life.When someone asks me what my name is my wife has written it on the palm of my hand so a quick glance gives me a heads up.Life is good.

Anonymous said...

My resolution also, but, I've already broken it.

Anonymous said...

I blew it, too. So much for check #3889.