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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ohio State attacker praised ex-Al Qaeda leader as 'hero' online, sources say

The Somali refugee who plowed a car into a crowd at Ohio State University before stabbing several pedestrians with a butcher knife on Monday is said to have referred to American-born Al Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki as a “hero” on his social media accounts.

Law enforcement sources told Fox News on Tuesday that the reference of al-Awlaki on Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s social media accounts is “deeply concerning” because it could suggest he was self-radicalized before launching the attack.

While a motive has not been confirmed, authorities are looking into whether the car-and-knife attack by the Somali-born student was an anti-U.S. terrorist attack.

The FBI is now in possession of Artan’s electronic devices and will focus their investigation on whether he was reading the two recent ISIS propaganda journals that called for attacks using vehicles and knives, a law enforcement source added.



Anonymous said...

if Facebook and Twitter are working on algorithms to screen 'fake news' and have screened right wing comments, why can' they screen for these type of comments that are precursors to violent offenses? At lease alert local law enforcement or FBI. Or has Soros and the Obama administration forbidden them to look for Islamic terrorism since they have banned it from the American vocabulary??

Anonymous said...

9:53-Just like any other news or social network,FB has the right to publish or not publish whatever it wishes.The rights of discretion are theirs to do as they choose.It appears that every time a violent incident occurs everyone notices a prior mention of it on FB,but not until AFTER THE FACT.Maybe FB has left the reporting up to us.

Anonymous said...

Dave T: Thank you Obozo for opening the doors to our borders for every immigrant to come here. More proof open borders are nothing more than a liberal kook's pipe dream.

Anonymous said...

Facebook is intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Hey! let's ship in another 100,000 of these jokers without vetting their backgrounds! Right? That's what Obama is doing as we speak, and what Hillary wanted to bolster and increase in numbers.